About Us

בית המדרש החדש של מדרשת עין הנצי"ב


Since its inception, Midreshet Ein Hanatziv has been at the vanguard of all aspects of Torah knowledge. Focusing on in-depth learning, the Midrasha is a forerunner of innovative approaches to issues related to women, Torah and Judaism.

The building you see above, is our dream which is in the process of becoming a reality. 

After 30 years, the contribution of the Midrasha to Jewish and spiritual renewal, and to promoting the status of women in Israel and the Jewish world is widely recognized.

Today, Midreshet Ein Hanatziv offers a wide variety of educational programs for different populations in the north, in Israel and around the world.

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Ma’ayan and Yuval

Each year, over sixty  young Israeli women and approximately twenty from the States and the EU study together at Midreshet Ein Hanatziv (the Midrasha) in our two flagship programs, "Ma'ayan" and "Yuval."  Ma’ayan is a three-year program designed for young women who wish to combine a period of serious and significant Torah study with a full term of service in the Israel Defense Forces. Yuval is a one year program geared towards young women from Israel and abroad who seek a significant experience of intense Torah study upon the completion of their high school education. 

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