About Us

Since its inception, Midreshet Ein Hanatziv has been at the vanguard of all aspects of Torah knowledge. Focusing on in-depth learning, the Midrasha is a forerunner of innovative approaches to issues related to women, Torah and Judaism.

 The status of women in both religious and secular sectors continues to be a topic of ongoing discussion. Confronting these questions in a religious context requires courage and willingness to forge new paths. Well-equipped to face this challenge, Midreshet Ein Hanatziv is committed to training a cadre of educated young women, presenting them with tools that will enable them to be active participants both within their respective communities.

 The curriculum offered by the Midrasha is rich and diverse, incorporating the study of Tanach, Talmud, Rabbinic literature and Halakha, Jewish Philosophy, Chassidism, Gender and Judaism, and more. Our multi-dimensional study methods combine different styles: Classic yeshiva style learning, critical academic learning and existential and spiritual learning.

 These methods challenge students to take a critical look and to define the balance between tradition and creativity, between criticism and humility, between freedom and commitment, and to navigate between these polarities, in formulating their Jewish identity. While being encouraged to strive to promote necessary and important changes, the entire dialogue is motivated by commitment and love of Torah and the desire for tikun olam. 

 Beit Midrash is the heart of the Midrasha, and is attended each year by approximately 80 new students from Israel and abroad.  Most of the students are on a three years program, combines of studies and meaningful army service.

 Midreshet Ein Hanatziv has also assumed the role of a spiritual and educational center for the residents of the region and northern Israel.  We offer a number of programs that attract a broad range of participants, including a weekly day of learning, an evening Beit-Midrash, and public study events.

 Today, after 30 years, the contribution of the Midrasha to Jewish and spiritual renewal, and to promoting the status of women in Israel and the Jewish world is widely recognized.

We are committed to continuing these efforts, and to broadening their scope. We encourage you to join us in our efforts!