12th graders

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The Ma’ayan and Yuval programs meet the needs of a growing group of young women who wish to combine their commitment to Torah and Jewish tradition with their connection to Am Israel, Israeli society, and the future of Zionism and Jewish values.

 These programs equip our young women students with the knowledge and tools needed to immerse themselves in Torah learning and enhance their spiritual world, thus significantly increasing the women's ability to contribute to their communities and social circles in the future.                                                                                 

At the Midrasha, Torah study is characterized by the breadth of opinions it presents, and the opportunities it provides by encouraging each student to share personal insights and experiences that may shed new light on the subjects at hand.

 The main objectives of these programs are:

  • Development of skills for independent Tanach and Talmud learning and the acquisition of tools for the analyzing the text and content of the topics studied.
  • Acquaintance with a range of different approaches and streams in classic and contemporary Jewish philosophy.
  • Acquisition of halachic knowledge, particularly related to contemporary issues and challenges faced by Jewish women in the 21rst century.

 One of the unique elements of these programs is the connection created between students from different backgrounds and countries.  The meeting of minds that takes place between our diverse student population over the course of the year is a significant experience for each young woman and addresses one of the most important challenges in our current Jewish world.

 Our students live in dormitories on beautiful Kibbutz Ein Hanatziv in the Valley of Springs, and enjoy the special atmosphere created by the valley and its residents. Students are hosted by Kibbutz families and have the opportunity to create personal relationships with both members of the Kibbutz and members of the Midrasha staff.

In addition to their studies, our students volunteer. They work with children and youth at risk, the disabled, the elderly and more. 

Midreshet Ein Hanatziv has been offering these unique program for more than three decades.  We are proud of the significant impact made by our hundreds of graduates in many facets of life in Israel and abroad.

Alumni choosing to serve in the IDF receive the Midrasha's full support during their service.  Support includes assistance in deciding which unit to join, programs that integrate army service and study and more.

סרטון על המדרשה - בנות חו"ל תשע"ו

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